Bennett's unquestionable skill as a communicator shines through this book as he sets down what could be written, about the unending work of transformation, in a vital, clean and practical manner. He records both pitfalls and insights that typify sincere and serious search.
"This book is about Transformation, that is, the process by which a man can pass beyond the limitations of his own nature and become a "New Man". I shall assume, without attempting to produce the evidence that justifies the assumption, that we all have the urge to seek for this transformation and that it is just this urge that distinguishes man from the brutes. Many descriptions have been given in religious and non-religious terms of the changes in a man that transformation brings. I shall not start by discussing the end if indeed there is an end, because I believe that transformation by its very nature once started is endless."
New Edition. Foreword by Ken Pledge.


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