Sherborne, is a first-person account of the author's ten months as a student at J.G. Bennett's Sherborne Academy for Continuous Education, at Sherborne, England in the early 1970s. Lyrical, straightforward, and personal, Roth's account is nowhere dogmatic or apologetic. The author, now an architect, explores the value of Bennett's "Teaching Machine" in the context of everyday contemporary life, twenty-seven years later. Imbued with the spirit of the early seventies, this book transcends its historic value to enter the timeless domain of every seeker's journey.
The story of Sherborne has never before been told in print. Roth's Sherborne surpasses typical memoirs with its biographical material on J.G. Bennett and events leading to his decision to institute the courses at the Sherborne Academy.

"In spite of my busy academic life, I was unable to put this book down for five chapters. Allen Roth embeds the teaching of Gurdjieff in a human interest story and thereby makes it more accessible. Here is a real person grappling with the Work." Charles T Tart Core Professor, Institute of Transpersonal Psychology.


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